Perfectionism – and becoming unstuck.

I’ve had a revelation! An ah-ha moment if you will. One of those awakenings that come about and slap you in the face and run away laughing because it has been such an obvious, staring me in the face kind of revelation. I’m a bit annoyed that this has only presented itself now in such Read More

Magazines & guilty pleasures…

Magazines and the lure of those glossy pages… Trashy celebrity gossip, over rated fashion and ridiculous waste of money or really fantastic journalism, beautiful fashion and award winning photography… where do you stand? I confess, I have wasted many a penny that could have been used toward bus fare or dinner on the glossy promise Read More

My Simple Style Tips

          How would you define a sense of style?  I find it difficult to define because it is such a personal thing. I think woman (myself included) really need to stop criticizing the itty biddy parts of themselves they loath all the time and start to focus on the many many things that make them Read More

A weekend in Jozi

If I had to choose one thing to do when I go to Joburg – its Neighbourgoods Market. In a nutshell, it’s foodie heaven and a place where it’s perfectly acceptable to have dim sum for breakfast, followed by paella, a few oysters washed down with some pink bubbles and then perhaps by a beignet Read More

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