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Soap Making

Hand Milled Soap I had the opportunity to learn how to make soap last week. The course was a ‘Secret Santa’ gift from my friend Kirsten and the course was hosted by her lovely mother Karen at Peter’s Gate herb farm. Given my love for all things smelly and soapy, this was a very fitting Read More

Smoothie me up

Anyone else find breakfast tedious and a bit of a faff? Unless it’s later in the day and therefore can be considered ‘brunch’ and comes with mimosa’s – I just cannot get that excited about breakfast. I enjoy eggs but every single day is a bit much and I really don’t enjoy cereal – milky Read More

Working from Home – best advice

I think folks who don’t work from home might believe that the folks who do work from home take the opportunity to work in their jammies all day! Now, this may very well be true but if I could offer up one piece of advice to those who work from home it would be…. get Read More

Thrifting in the Midlands

Crusty tissues hidden in pockets, rummaging around in musty boxes and through countless dusty rails to find a hidden gem. Being eyed up by the old ducks at the counter of the SPCA as you hold out a retro 80’s print, ruffle neck silk shirt and try to figure out if you can pull it Read More

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