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Five Favourites – South African Edition

This time last year, Beau and I spent five weeks in England. It was glorious; a trip peppered with a thousand beautiful memories… (apart from catching man flu on the plane)! Fast forward one year…and we are now on the cusp of moving there indefinitely. The feelings are a mixed bag but mainly lots of Read More

Konmari Method – The Lesson’s I learned

I generally like things to be tidy, to have a place and be put away. It’s not always the case and clutter often infiltrates. Rooms get cluttered and I go about trying to tidy up, somehow the circle continues… I wasn’t a very tidy child, I was lucky, I got to play outside… a lot, Read More

My Simple Style Tips

          How would you define a sense of style?  I find it difficult to define because it is such a personal thing. I think woman (myself included) really need to stop criticizing the itty biddy parts of themselves they loath all the time and start to focus on the many many things that make them Read More

A weekend in Jozi

If I had to choose one thing to do when I go to Joburg – its Neighbourgoods Market. In a nutshell, it’s foodie heaven and a place where it’s perfectly acceptable to have dim sum for breakfast, followed by paella, a few oysters washed down with some pink bubbles and then perhaps by a beignet Read More

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