Some may say I am a bit of a hoarder, I prefer the term ‘Collector’! I have an impressive collection of books that get added to on a weekly basis. I’ve always adored clothes, I love the memories attached to an old clutch bag or leather jacket and you never know when you may need to fit into that old pair of stone washed jeans!

My mother is brilliant at sewing and there was always a room in our home that was the ‘sewing room’, I remember our linen cupboard was brimming with fabrics, buttons, ribbons, patterns, zips…not too sure where we kept the linen! She made many of our clothes which is where I think my appreciation started. I do wish she’d hung onto those dresses from the 60’s.

I was born in Zimbabwe when it was still Rhodesia, went to school in South Africa, moved to London for a year…stayed seven! I spent a couple years lost in Costa Rica but I’m still saving to click a pair of Louboutin’s down the cobbled streets of Montmartre with a baguette under my arm.

I’m a cheese and wine kinda girl… I love Sunday lunches with my Beau, scrabble tournaments with my family, my cats and smelling books. I think the best way to relax is to drink wine and read poetry (or Vogue) in the bath.

I’m not crazy about bananas, bad manners or booty shorts.

I tell people my favourite movie is ‘Shawshank Redemption’ but actually it’s ‘Footloose’

A bit of fashion advice: Miniskirt and flats or midi skirt and heels are the correct combinations.


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