Five Favourites – South African Edition

This time last year, Beau and I spent five weeks in England. It was glorious; a trip peppered with a thousand beautiful memories… (apart from catching man flu on the plane)! Fast forward one year…and we are now on the cusp of moving there indefinitely. The feelings are a mixed bag but mainly lots of Read More

Thinking about designing your own engagement ring?

We’re Engaged! It’s a bit strange making this announcement as I think most of you already know that on a beautiful June afternoon under the Drakensberg mountains, Beau got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was THE most perfect proposal! Sometimes when I think about, it still feels surreal, like Read More

Konmari Method – The Lesson’s I learned

I generally like things to be tidy, to have a place and be put away. It’s not always the case and clutter often infiltrates. Rooms get cluttered and I go about trying to tidy up, somehow the circle continues… I wasn’t a very tidy child, I was lucky, I got to play outside… a lot, Read More

Carrot & Ginger Soup with Red Split Lentils

What’s up Doc? You know you’re living in the country when a neighboring friend visits for an afternoon wine and brings you a ginormous bag of carrots! Here you go, she says…get juicing! I love making fresh juice and carrots are a staple but given that it is chilly here in the Midlands and I’m Read More

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